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Pharma Freak

Pharmafreak Test Freak Red 2.0

Pharmafreak Test Freak Red 2.0

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Pharmafreak Test Freak 2.0 has all the test boosting ingredients you love from the original plus 7 NEW ingredients that have been clinically shown to boost your testosterone and enhance libido & sexual performance

Pharmafreak Test Freak 2.0 is a new and improved, clinically backed testosterone-boosting supplement! Test Freak 2.0 is formulated to increase natural testosterone production while reducing estrogen and cortisol. Test Freak 2.0 can support improvements in muscle growth, strength, recovery and libido and sexual performance!

Test Freak 2.0 contains all of the ingredients from the original Test Freak formula, in addition to 7 new ingredients! Furthermore, these 7 new ingredients work via unique mechanisms, resulting in even greater testosterone production.

Pharmafreak Test Freak Red 2.0 features:

  • Helps support natural testosterone production and helps reduce estrogen & cortisol.
  • 7 NEW ingredients make our Formula even more powerful!
  • You want this to support muscle growth, strength, recovery, libido and sexual performance!
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